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    Pirates Superfan Sculpts Pro-Pirates Slogan Into His Own Chest Hair

    He takes supporting the team to new, mildly disturbing heights.

    Sports fans will do just about anything to prove the level of commitment they have for their favorite team. Supporters have been screaming their lungs hoarse, making elaborate signs, and painting their chests and faces for decades.

    But every once in a while the sports world produces an innovator. The type of fan who flouts, nay detests, society's norms. The type of dude that would shave his chest hair into a "Let's Go Bucs!" billboard — at an away game.

    The intrepid Steel City fan appears to have a surplus of chest hair and zero qualms with transforming said hair into the ultimate sign of support.

    His magnificently sculpted chest will always separate him from new bandwagon Pirates fans who are sure to flock when or if they make the playoffs. Because this fanatic knows the most important rules in baseball.

    1) Never make the third out at third base. 2) Always be a middle-aged man who hangs around the dugout several hours before away games exposing the raw, pink skin of your semi-hairless torso while standing next to two teenage girls.

    h/t Dan Steinberg DC Sports Bog