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22 People Who Wish Life Had A Rewind Button

"What the hell did I just do?"

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1. This guy who picked the WRONG door.

2. Whoever thought it would be fun to dip their face in wet cement.

3. These geniuses.

4. The person who forgot to check their pockets before doing the laundry.

5. This foolish daredevil.

6. This criminal mastermind.

7. Robert Pattinson, when he got handsy on The Ellen Show.

8. This phantom cyclist.

9. These military experts.

10. The golfer that mistook this for grass.

11. This cool cat who probably hurt his happy place.

12. This guy who picked the WRONG time to look at porn.

13. This brave cameraman.

14. This dad who didn't check the parasailing company's safety record.

15. This bus driver who didn't notice the stoplight.

16. This passenger who knows that propeller should be moving.

17. This magician's assistant.

18. This golfer who could use some lessons.

19. This fool who thought it would be funny to put the cat in the bath.

20. This guy who needs to learn his drink titles.

21. The person didn't put their glasses on before brushing their teeth.

22. And this poor guy living a life full of regret.

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