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27 People Who Successfully Reinvented The Wheel

The next Einstein may be sitting next to you.

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1. The genius behind this 3 a.m. lifesaver.

2. The world's most efficient Christmas decorator.

3. The mastermind who subtly threw shade at every able-bodied person that presses this button.

4. The creator of this fun table-side game.

5. This king of comfort.

6. This bored — yet brilliant — trash-talker.

7. This anti-theft visionary.

8. This brilliant legal mind.

9. This forward-thinking drinker of imported beers.

10. This future Michelin-starred chef.

11. This architect.

12. The world's greatest mathematician.

13. This hero for all lazy dads.

14. This olfactory aficionado.

15. This genius who lives on the edge.

16. The game-changing parent.

17. This civic hero.

18. This out-of-the-box thinker.

19. This exquisite troll.

20. These descendants of Leonardo da Vinci.

21. This risk-taker.

22. This pacifist.

23. This dude who knows how to get his hands on some free chicken.

24. This future security consultant.

25. This dating expert.

26. This guy holding on to a dream by a thread.

27. And of course, the 21st century man.

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