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22 People Who Seriously Better Be Joking


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1. This modern Einstein:

2. This geography bee winner:

3. This person who will believe any life hack:

4. This person who believes gullible is written on the ceiling:


5. This conspiracy theorist:

6. This role model:

7. This supporter of indie music:

8. This Rocky Mountain dreamer:


9. This revolutionary:

10. This lifesaver:

11. This person exposing Obama's true purpose.

12. This lover of excellent music:


13. Anyone pissed they missed this class on the course catalog:

14. This hater of delicious, chic baby food:

15. This guy who couldn't stay silent anymore:

16. This shocked swimfan:


17. This poor microwave owner with a faulty snowflake button:

18. This mathematician:

19. This person who should probably switch cell phone providers:

20. This father afraid of Disney's notorious brainwashing:

21. This scholar:

22. And this sleepyhead: