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19 Friends Who Probably Aren't On Speaking Terms

Trust no one.

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1. This guy who listens to everything his friends tell him:

2. This guy who got to know his buddy a little too intimately:

3. This bowler who's friend is a tad too enthusiastic:

4. This dude who just wanted some help getting out of the canoe:

5. This girl who believed her pal that the slide was open:

6. This prankster who got what he had coming:

7. This kid who just wanted a granola bar:

8. This thief who needs a new getaway driver:

9. This jackass:

10. This girl with one eye:

11. This person who doesn't understand fire:

12. This kid who was just trying to take a nap:

13. This poor guy:

14. This kid who watched too much Jackass:

15. This ninja:

16. This gymnast:

17. This trustworthy fool:

18. This girl who hangs with the wrong parkour crowd:

19. And this kid who just wanted take a shower:

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