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32 People Who Clearly Should Have Paid More Attention In School

They're not ready for the world.

1. This person who obviously doesn't know what a corkscrew looks like.

2. This parent.

3. This geography major.

4. This future taxi driver.

5. This person who doesn't know the effects of direct sunlight on exposed skin.

6. This couple.

7. Everyone involved here.

8. This person annoyed with Bill Gates' iPhone design.

9. This person who doesn't know how time works.

10. This connoisseur of exotic cuisines.

11. This English major.

12. This struggling lefty.

13. This world-class flautist.

14. This former iPhone owner.

15. This risk taker.

16. These math majors.

17. This sibling who just learned the power of a comma.

18. This Chase customer with an empty bank account.

19. This person who is also annoyed about his lack of french benefits.

20. This fan of traditional "jappaense" art.

21. This bookworm.

22. This expert navigator.

23. This civil rights activist.

24. This cold-blooded Facebook user.

25. This person who doesn't understand math OR time.

26. ~*KIMBER*~

27. This person who has never heard of daylight saving time.

28. This huge Will Smith fan.

29. The brilliant legal mind.

30. This environmentalist.

31. This person who thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is from the Land Down Under.

32. And Jaden Smith.

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