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26 People Who Clearly Know What's Important In Life

Get your priorities straight.

1. Whoever figured out that Dr. Peter Venkman defeating Vigo is hella more entertaining than your kid's first birthday.

2. This mom proving that you truly CAN have it all!

3. This dad who knows the internet is more important than perishable fruit.

4. These bros who will do ANYTHING for the picture — except put down their beer.

5. Whoever realized their PS4 can only sit shotgun once.

6. The parents who handed their kid that banana.

7. Whoever thought, "It's better for everyone to know the code than no one — right?"

8. Whoever stopped painting their house to momentarily shame their kid.

9. Parents who know you need to be proud of your child's accomplishments.

10. Whoever realized kids find new toys when they get older.

11. This person who knows the importance of a good night's sleep.

12. This student who knows decisions have consequences.

13. People who take a minute to commemorate the moment on Facebook.

14. And people who know you can't go to the ER on an empty stomach.

15. People who put charity ahead of themselves.

16. Kids who know in order to get past level five you cannot be distracted.

17. Adults who understand life is about balance.

18. This dude who knows homework always comes first.

19. Guys who know when you're hungry — you're fucking hungry.

20. And group photos are ALMOST as important as playoff hockey.

21. These criminals who live by the motto: "Pics or it didn't happen."

22. Facebook users who know it's important to start shaming your kid at a young age.

23. Drivers who know to dress your wheels for the car you want, not that car you have.

24. Boyfriends who know cats are pretty darn great.

25. Kids who already know what they want from life and won't settle for less.

26. And whatever hero concluded that beer is more important than ground turkey.

In an earlier version of this post the writer foolishly stated the ground meat in image No. 26 was ground beef — when the label says ground turkey. The writer also firmly believes that beer was a better decision either way.

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