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    22 People Who Are Unfazed By Mother Nature

    When the weather throws us a curveball these people simply carry on as usual.

    1. This couple trying to squeeze in another hour of sun.

    2. This group having an impromptu crab feast.

    3. These Italians who won't let a little water ruin a good shopping day.

    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    4. This woman who has apparently never seen the movie "Twister."

    5. This guy who isn't gonna let some snow keep him from burning a few cals.

    6. This guy who's excited to show off his new cargo shorts.

    7. These brave souls who've never missed a practice.

    8. These little champions making the best of the situation.

    9. These maniacs going for their morning dip.

    10. This guy who gets excellent traction on his Huffy.

    11. These bros who have their priorities straight.

    12. These fearless newlyweds.

    13. These tourists kicking back in St. Marks Square.

    Luigi Costantini / AP

    14. This guy posing with the catch of the day.

    15. This horse man who didn't even notice it's snowing.

    16. This guy who's wondering why everyone is running away.

    17. This woman who found an urban lazy river.

    18. This guy humblebragging about going to the Beijing Hard Rock Cafe.

    19. This proud American awaiting the oncoming storm.

    20. This guy trying to take his dog for a walk.

    21. These gentlemen who are laser focused on their lawn bowling game.

    22. This guy testing out his new four-wheel drive.

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