23 People That Wanna Sex Up The NBA’s Goofiest-Looking Goofball, Joakim Noah

Is the hustlin’ Bull the NBA’s most desired man?

This season Bulls center Joakim Noah has been getting a lot of much-deserved love for his unconventional but incredibly productive style of play. The NBA playoffs have been a coming out party of sorts for the Chicago all-star.

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Perhaps the most interesting part of Noah’s star turn has been the growing contingent of people who like the Florida alum for his unconventional looks just as much as his play on the court. Noah goes out of his way to style and dress himself like a wizard who forgot to take a shower, so his apparent red-hot sex idol status has us scratching a hole in our bewildered heads.

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Some people love his hair bun.

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Others think he looks sexy when he’s mad or excited (he’s always either one or the other. Very little middle ground with Joakim).

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And plenty of people think he’s just straight-up attractive in every way.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Here’s some sexiness in action on the links.

Women would do terrible things to this man.

Guys are all aboard the sexy train as well.

Some people take their desires for Noah a BIT too far.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Good God, @meghaninja.

As evidence of Joakim-Noah-philia continued to build, we asked BuzzFeed Sports intern — and Chicago native — Logan Rhoades the following question: “what’s the deal?” He relayed our query to a lady-friend from the Second City who wishes to remain anonymous. Here’s their discussion:

Why do women find Joakim Noah so attractive?
He’s like that guy that you’re strangely attracted to and you don’t know why. He warms up on ya. You know?

Me neither. I hate myself for finding him attractive.

In summary, many human people consider the image below the ideal of human beauty.

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