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31 People Who Make Worse Decisions Than You

Choose your friends wisely.

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1. This bro who lights himself on fire for giggles.

2. This guy who didn't want to pay to get the car washed.

3. These military geniuses.

4. This guy who doesn't seem to care about his foot.

5. This guy who's playing a dangerous game of Jenga.

6. This cowboy.

7. This fitness guru.

8. This creative ice bucket challenger.

9. These karaoke superstars.

10. This former owner of a Volkswagen Golf.

11. This fire juggler.

12. This guy who mistimed his leap.

13. These bike jousters.

14. This dude who challenged a ram.

15. This manhole cover thief.

16. This fool who thought they could defeat a pigeon.

17. These fitness enthusiasts.

18. This second-string acrobat.

19. These BFFs playing on thin ice.

20. This spinster.

21. These bros who drank way too much Mountain Dew.

22. This X Games gold medalist.

23. Anyone who challenges this man's iron fists.

24. This failed gymnast.

25. This dude who just sticks his head through a fan.

26. This indoor dirt bike rider.

27. This dude who volunteered to get hit by a truck.

28. This daredevil.

29. This guy who shoved his nipple into a fan.

30. This guy who doesn't know how firecrackers work.

31. And this guy who apparently doesn't own hedge clippers, yet has access to a crane.

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