22 People That F**king Love Christmas More Than You

    Plus dogs.

    1. This dog with a unique appetite.

    2. This guy with the most festive extension cord of all time.

    3. The lucky owner of this sweatshirt.

    4. Whoever designed these penis candles.

    5. Whoever gave these beets by Dr. Dray.

    6. Whoever gave this mug as a gift.

    7. This cheerful motorist.

    8. Whoever bought every copy of Rush Hour 2 in existence.

    9. Whoever wrapped skis like this.

    10. These computer programmers and their unique wreath.

    11. This great Christmas dad.

    12. Santa's worst little helper.

    13. This family's perfect Christmas tree.

    14. Whoever took the time to decorate this tree.

    15. The best postal worker ever.

    16. Whoever made this Christmas wonderland.

    17. Whoever went to these extremes to give a video game.

    18. This dog.

    19. This perfect tree for a bookworm.

    20. The modern-day Santa who returned this wallet.

    21. This firefighter's Christmas decorations.

    22. And these insanely adorable dogs.