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    28 People Who Forgot How To Do Just About Everything

    Send help.

    1. These geniuses who decided to pump gas into a door handle.

    2. Whoever didn't check the weather forecast before painting the Lowe's sign.

    3. This person trying to tidy up their lawn.

    4. Whoever locked up their bike like this.

    5. Whoever forgot the bungee cord.

    6. This Green Bay Packers fan who didn't realize the irony.

    7. This Pizza Hut customer who needs an iPad tutorial.

    8. Whoever invented this fitness diet.

    9. This dude who must have forgot he was HOLDING AN UMBRELLA.

    10. Whoever wrote this sign.

    11. This dad who forgot how to snowball fight.

    12. This idiot.

    13. This kid who is ready to give healthy living a fair shot.

    14. Whoever installed this sweet "spoiler."

    15. This expert boatsman.

    16. Whoever thought this was a good place for a cactus.

    17. This girl who doesn't know how legs work.

    18. Whoever decided to distract drivers with a sign telling drivers to not be distracted.

    19. This girl that wanted to get involved in the planking craze in the worst way.

    20. These girls that know cigarettes keep you from having a miscarriage.

    21. This bank employee who forgot how to count.

    22. Unnecessary can opener users.

    23. Whoever ordered two large pizzas — half plain and half with pepperoni.

    24. This paper boy.

    25. This kid and his platinum grill.

    26. This person who doesn't realize tattoos last longer than trends.

    27. Anyone who does this.


    28. The BuzzFeed editor who forgot how to proofread his own headline.