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29 Dads Who Have Reached Peak Dad

They have made it to the mountaintop.

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1. This dad who always likes to capture the moment:

2. This dad who finally listened to his wife and ordered a salad:

3. This dad who has perfect comedic timing:

4. This dad who knows high school popularity is overrated:

5. These dads who know how to stay hip:

6. This dad who knows how to express his love:

7. This dad who isn't afraid to tell his son how he feels:

8. This dad who knows how to make a sale:

9. This dad who got a haircut to embarrass his entire family:

10. This dad who knows how to efficiently grocery shop:

11. This modern dad:

12. This dad who made his son cut the lawn with scissors after talking back:

13. This dad who always tests products before buying:

14. This dad who still keeps his resume on a floppy disk:

15. This dad who won't bother to increase the font size:

16. This dad who never removed the screen protector and thought the volume on his phone was broken for a year:

17. This dad who shovels snow with purpose:

18. This dad who kept his phone in a ziplock bag while waiting for his case to come in the mail:

19. This dad who takes no prisoners:

20. This nerdy dad who's hip with memes:

21. This dad who somehow isn't sick of Frozen:

22. This dad who is in on the joke:

23. This math teacher dad who loves math jokes:

24. This dad with the ULTIMATE summer tan:

25. This dad who likes a selfie after a tough day at work:

26. This dad who is a tad protective:

27. This dad who doesn't care how you're supposed to use a drive-thru:

28. This dad who mows the lawn with Spartan determination:

29. And this dad who is the grandmaster of the selfie:

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