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    Posted on Oct 30, 2015

    27 People Who Have Reached Peak College

    "Hold my beer, I got this."

    1. This multitasker:

    2. This smuggler:

    3. Everyone who donated to this food drive:

    4. This person and their thinking juice:

    5. Everyone who found out this class was attendance optional:

    6. This girl who knows you don't need to dress up for beer:

    7. This human jack-o-lantern:

    8. This ambitious shitter:

    9. This powerpoint presenter:

    10. Everyone who forced the school to issue this note:

    11. This spreader of Christmas fear:

    12. These ducks:

    13. This squad:

    14. These artists:

    15. Whoever put the shampoo and cleaning supplies in the fridge:

    16. Everyone who thinks this is a great deal:

    17. This dean's list student:

    18. The person who filled out this Scantron sheet:

    19. Whoever posted this accurate note:

    20. This wanderer:

    21. This girl whose spirt left her body:

    22. This student's perfect reference page: / Via

    (This directs me to a page selling sweatshirts that say 'I love bad bitches.' I'm going to assume this was not intentional.)

    23. This guy who dresses for success:

    24. This student DOMINATING the open note final:

    25. This guy who is gonna be a while:

    26. This champion studying with no shirt on, casually drinking a beer in the college library:

    27. And this graduate:

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