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    18 Parents Doing What They Do Best


    1. This savvy dad taking full advantage of the breakfast buffet:

    2. This mom who didn't think things through:

    my mom pulled down my tube top to cover my stomach and my titties fell out so now everybody at sams club knows what my titties look like

    3. This dad who is adorably spoiling his little princess:

    My dad took time from his job to go to my sisters classroom and dropped off flowers wow she’s gonna be so spoiled, this is the kind of father I look forward to being

    4. This punny pops:

    5. This thoughtful mom:

    Look what my mother made me for my birthday 😭

    6. This not-so-thoughtful mom:

    My hoodie got dirty and so I washed it but we don’t have a dryer so my mom and I thought it would be a good idea to hang it outside when it’s -9 so after an half hour it froze lmao I can’t we dumb as fuck

    7. This mom cleaning her son's room:

    How do I get my self out of this one 😭

    8. This dad who crushed a wrong number:

    Syd accidentally sent pics of her dress to the wrong number and this was their response 😂

    9. This excited mom:

    a baby was staring at me in target so i started waving to her & she waved back & the mom whipped around & was like OMG & i was like oh sorry i was just waving to your baby & she was like THAT WAS THE 1ST TIME SHES WAVED & me & this mom SCREAMED in the store bc we were so excited

    10. This mom who asks the tough security questions:

    “on a scale of 1-10 how uncomfortable are you?”

    11. This dad who reinvented the wheel:

    My dad is vacuuming while chewing sunflower seeds and he’s spitting them out right in front of the vacuum to clean them up as he goes. I have so much still to learn from this man that gave me life.

    12. This dad who needed spelling help:

    my dad asked me how to spell katy perry a couple minutes ago and now i’m an accessory to this crime

    13. This dad who's spilling all the tea:

    this morning i wanted a Hot Beverage but i just ended up regretting teaching my dad slang terms

    14. This dad who gave a friendly reminder:

    i got broken up with today and i came home to this

    15. These parents who hit the jackpot:

    16. This mom who appreciates the little things:

    ive texted this to everyone already but look at the text my mom sent me im crying

    17. And these ageless lovebirds:

    It’s hard not to have high standards when your grandparents are as cute as mine

    18. And Brandon's dad:

    One time my friend Brandon’s Dad and his mom were in a heated argument in the car and she took his kid rock cd out of the player and threw it out the window with rage and he looked her dead in the eyes and pulled out a second copy of that same cd and put it back in the player

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