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15 Pictures That'll Make You Wanna Crawl In A Hole And Die


Do you know trypophobia? Well, it's the fear of holes.

Not the fear of falling down holes...

Warner Bros. Pictures / 300

Or the 2003 Disney movie with Shia LaBeouf...

Disney / Holes

Nope, just the fear of a lot of holes grouped together. Sounds simple enough, right? Nothing to fear, right?

Well, I thought so too, and I almost threw up making this post.

Koksikoks / Getty Images

So please proceed with caution.

Evgenii_bobrov / Getty Images

1. This ball of dough:

Reptar313 /

2. This bowl of potato soup:


3. These balloons:

baconboi /

4. This tire:

Panda_911 /

5. This hand:

spug2bug /

6. This spaghetti-stuffed meatball:

Ayy_2_Brute /

7. These sunglasses:

baziyun /

8. This face mask:

wickedonecaro /

9. This plant:

wickedonecaro /

10. This coffee table:

DapperJman /

11. This uncooked pie:

Pizzagrandpa /

12. This pickle:

Jaximumpower /

13. This tree trunk:

dirthawker0 /

14. This watermelon:

LaTalpa123 /

15. And this hair transplant:

UglyMedievalBaby /

Not thoroughly disgusted? Well, these were only the mild ones, check out more vomit-worthy stuff at r/trypophobia

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