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21 Office Printers That Are Going Through A Mid-Life Crisis

Remember, printers are people too!

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1. This lonely printer pretending to be a cat in order to make a friend.

2. This Dell who is going through his reggae-phase a little late in life.

3. This bro who just wants Josh to acknowledge his existence.

4. This poor girl going through some self-esteem issues.

5. This WorkCentre having a case of the Mondays.

6. This old soul developing some new appetites.

7. This printer who is just angry at the world.

8. This printer trying — and failing — to fill its emptiness with mayo.

9. This depressed soul who doesn't know that success isn't measured in how much BBQ sauce you have.

10. This pessimist.

11. This printer that is making outdated pop culture references.

12. This printer that just wants to be close to something.

13. This printer trying to reconnect with family.

14. This printer who isn't ready to start over.

15. This sad sack who doesn't even recognize its own reflection.

16. This printer who just gave up.

17. This guy who just read the communist manifesto.

18. This printer who would rather be an arcade game.

19. This printer looking for something purely physical.

20. This guy that wants people to know how it feels.

21. And this guy who has had enough.

So stop being so hard on your office printer.

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