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19 People Who Are Never Allowed To Use A Microwave Again

T-shirts aren't microwave safe?

1. This kid who forgot to put water in his ramen:

2. This girl who heated up some Cheetos — in the bag:

Twitter: @lilliegrace12 / Via @lilliegrace12

3. This mom who inexplicably roasted a toothbrush:

Twitter: @Mirandaa_hopee / Via @Mirandaa_hopee

4. This gullible soul who believed the microwave could charge their phone:

5. This person who exploded a squash:

Twitter: @italisighs / Via @italisighs

6. This sister who fucked up the mac ’n' cheese:

Twitter: @jalyssapeno / Via @jalyssapeno

7. This dude who tried to dry off his T-shirt quickly:

8. This genius who overheated a potato:

Twitter: @christianiddon / Via @christianiddon

9. This lover of rock-hard cake:

Twitter: @courtney_bloor / Via @courtney_bloor

10. Whoever pulled off this disaster:

11. This person who heated up chicken wings for 10 minutes:

Twitter: @mattconciatori / Via @mattconciatori

12. Whoever set this bonfire:

Twitter: @emily_maclennan / Via @emily_maclennan

13. This artist who microwaved a highlighter:

14. This clown who defrosted a protein shake:

Twitter: @Hamza_A_Memon / Via @Hamza_A_Memon

15. This person who never checked if the bowl was microwave safe:

Twitter: @nicci636 / Via @nicci636

16. This champion who just made her entire apartment smell like plastic:

Twitter: @mellamokelsey / Via @mellamokelsey

17. This girl who thought this was a good idea:

Twitter: @nopantsmorton / Via @nopantsmorton

18. This person who read the instructions wrong:

Twitter: @SophieEliana / Via @SophieEliana

19. And of course, mom.

Twitter: @OhHeyElyse / Via @OhHeyElyse

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