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    Nike Would Like To Remind You That Golf Is A Real Sport

    "Guys, look they're great athletes!"

    In anticipation of this week's U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club outside Philadelphia, Nike has a released a new commercial featuring Tiger Woods. The 30-second ad is technically for Woods' new golf shoe — the TW '14 — but the message is that golf is more than just a hobby.

    Tiger is EXACTLY like a world-class sprinter. Look how he tees off right when the gun sounds!

    Sometimes Tiger JUST misses putts and gets sad, which is totally similar to boxers getting knocked out with a left hook!

    Remember how all those crazy golf hooligans scream and distract Tiger when he's trying to putt?

    Baseball and golf are essentially the same sport, because, um, you hit a ball with a club.

    My favorite part of golf events is when Tiger allows a mosh pit of fans to storm the 18th green after a victory.

    Watch the entire strange commercial here:

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    h/t CBS Sports