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    Posted on Oct 3, 2013

    NHL Coaches Try To Beat The Living Crap Out Of Each Other

    Guys, it's the first game of the season.

    Last night, the Anaheim Ducks and Colorado Avalanche played in their first game of the NHL season. The Patrick Roy-coached Aves dominated the game en route to a 6-1 drubbing of the Ducks.

    However, the real action started after the final horn sounded.

    The hot-headed Roy decided to end his first victory as an NHL head coach with a bit of his own fireworks. Keep in mind they won this game 6-1.

    After getting into a "fuck you, no fuck YOU, no FUCK YOU!" battle with Ducks forward Corey Perry, Anaheim head coach Bruce Boudreau decided to get involved.

    Boudreau probably owes a huge debt of gratitude to the glass partition that separates the two teams' benches. He should probably send it a Christmas card or a fruit basket, because without it Roy would have ruined the stereotype of polite Canadians with his fists.

    Our hearts go out to this poor camera guy.