Never Get In The Way Of A Little Girl And Her Foul Ball

Or at least be prepared to suffer the consequences.

As a kid, getting a foul ball at a baseball game is basically the American dream. Aside from eating ice cream out of a tiny helmet, it’s the main reason kids enjoy going to the ballpark. It’s a moment you cherish and a priceless souvenir you’ll hold on to for about three days.

Mike McGinnis / Getty Images

During last night’s College World Series game between Mississippi State and Indiana University, a foul ball was tossed into the right field stands. This prompted one determined little girl to use any means necessary to acquire the ultimate prize.

4. “Oh, wow, a foul ball! Can I see it? Let me see it! GIVE IT TO ME! NOW!”

5. “Fools! It’s mine!” *evil laugh*

6. “Get off me! Finders keepers.”

7. “You’re never gonna get it. Possession is nine-tenths of the law, you brats!”

8. “Seriously guys, I’m taller than you. Stop even trying.”

9. “Get off me, or I’m gonna start throwing ‘bows…”

10. “Whoops…”

11. “Well, I hope you learned your lesson.”

h/t Sean Newell Deadspin

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