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    Posted on Sep 26, 2012

    Mother Nature's 7 Hottest Pieces Of Real Estate

    Run, don't walk, to these up-and-coming neighborhoods!

    Glorious Grassy Plains

    Hey herbivores! Hungry for some delicious grass? This spacious slice of heaven could be all yours if you simply stroll your hippie asses over there.

    Wild Wetlands

    Not afraid to get your feet wet? Come and go as you please in this promising fixer-upper.

    Lush Forests and Foliage

    Sick of those big ole' bastards hunting down your family members? Sleep more soundly in one of these cute tree-lined bungalows.

    Dastardly Dry Deserts

    Hate humidity? Rarely thirsty? Anti-social? Don't play particularly well with others? I'm looking at you velociraptors!

    Sexy Seaside Shorelines

    Enjoy living on the edge? Literally! Here's an unique property to fit your adventurous lifestyle.

    Picturesque Polar Regions

    Underdeveloped, but perfect for you DIYers out there. Plus, the winters aren't as bad as those big woolly mammoths want you to believe!

    Isolated Islands

    Really need to get away? Sick of the hustle and bustle of the shoreline? Take refuge at one of our delightful islands.

    Delectably Dirty Swamps

    Grunge and grime more your thing? Never go hungry again while attacking unsuspecting prey in the swampy abyss.

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