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    27 Moments That Prove You Get Your Best Ideas While Drinking


    1. When this genius discovered how to discretely enjoy 24 ounces of freedom.

    2. When this girl figured out how to never lose her earrings ever again.

    3. When this cyclist learned how to efficiently transport cheap booze.

    4. When these enterprising Canadians created the BEST DRINKING GAME EVER.

    5. When this breakfast enthusiast made an important reminder on their phone.

    6. When this kid DIY'd himself a blanket.

    7. When this honors student figured out how to do homework efficiently.

    8. When this guy proved chivalry isn't dead.

    9. When this mastermind taped floss to his roommate's popcorn.

    10. When this guy made damn sure his roommate woke him up for class.

    11. When this brainiac made the best drunk impulse purchase.

    12. When this person made their phone foolproof from sending drunk texts.

    13. When this throne was created.

    14. When someone finally made bar urinals concussion-proof.

    15. When this responsible cowboy realized he was too drunk to drive.

    16. When Drunk Dan put his glasses in a safe spot for Sober Dan.

    17. When this drunk person reminded themselves flying with a hangover sucks balls.

    18. When this guy got resourceful to stay warm.

    19. When this guy was too famished to wait for the water to strain.

    20. When this drunk remembered to leave the finger-licking deliciousness for the morning.

    21. When this architect invented the 8th wonder of the world.

    22. When this student cleared his conscience by "hitting the books."

    23. When this clever person figured out a way to never lose their bottle opener.

    24. When this jokester recognized an important life-changing event when it happened.

    25. When this guy made sure he didn't text his ex-girlfriend.

    26. When this wise drunk MADE DAMN SURE he stayed hydrated.

    27. And when his hungry person decided the only way to make pizza more delicious was MORE pizza.

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