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Meet The Most Picked-On Player In Major League Baseball

Poor Adrian Beltre.

The most entertaining highlight of baseball's action-packed Memorial Day weekend had nothing to do with a spectacular catch, moonshot home run or even a dominant pitching performance. It was Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre trying to kick and throw his glove at Elvis Andrus during a meeting on the mound.

It was a bizarre scene, especially if you didn't know about the reason Beltre reacted like that. You see, Adrian Beltre does not like people touching his head.

He is a grown man who freaks the hell out when his teammates rub the top of his head.

It is one part terrifying and three parts hilarious.

The strange phenomenon started when the slugger was playing in Seattle from 2005-09. Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez discovered that Beltre vehemently didn't like his noggin being touched, and then Hernandez tormented him.

But the trolling was elevated to the national stage when Beltre was traded to the Boston Red Sox, and King Felix told Victor Martinez about Beltre's fatal flaw.

Who obviously told all his Red Sox teammates.

Since joining the Texas Rangers, rubbing Beltre's head has become a team superstition.

Even manager Ron Washington has been known to mess with Beltre.

One might even say Beltre has gotten used to the abuse.

So shortstop Elvis Andrus has figured out new ways to get under Beltre's skin.

Such as trying to call him off on easy fly-ball outs.

We suppose if we were Rangers fans that it might bother us somewhat that this whole thing has gotten to the point where Beltre's own manager is taking part and one of his fellow infielders is actually pranking him during the middle of plays, but the Rangers are in first place and Beltre is batting .288 with 10 home runs, so hey, whatever works.