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Meet The Most Badass Pee Wee Football Player Alive

Do yourself a favor and stay out of this kid's way.

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Remember this Pee Wee football player who was pushing a football across the living room floor with his head when he was 4 months old? The one that did his first pull-up when he was 18 months, ran a 40 in 6.5 flat, bench pressed twice his own weight and won the 8-year-old division of Pass, Punt, and Run when he was 5 years old?

Remember how everyone thought he was the most badass, physical specimen to ever grace a Pee Wee football field? Well, we were wrong.


Meet J.D., a Pee Wee quarterback from Alabama who has the most vicious stiff arm in all of SEC country.

He also has the quickness to get to the corner, Manziel-esque cutback ability and Peterson-esque breakaway speed.

Honestly, has Saban signed this kid yet?

Watch the whole jaw-dropping run.

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