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    Matt Harvey Gave The Most Awkward Radio Interview Of The Year

    When pitching a product goes wrong. Way wrong.

    About a month ago the New York Mets announced that star pitcher Matt Harvey had a partial tear of his UCL in his elbow. He had two options: 1.) Get Tommy John surgery and miss the 2014 season or 2.) Rehab and hope the ligament heals correctly.

    After consulting the famous Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion, Harvey announced yesterday that he will rehab instead of getting the surgery. His decision leaves the door open to play next season, but he risks tearing the UCL completely and being sidelined for even longer.

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    His decision has surprised a lot of people. Fans and media outlets are skeptical that Harvey is choosing the right path to recovery. In the wake of yesterday's press conference Harvey had been asked to do an interview on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about his decision. Harvey had other plans, because today he was there to talk about Qualcomm, and holy crap was it awkward.

    Matt Harvey: We have a slight tear in the UCL and I got a second opinion with Dr. Andrews and he said my elbow was stable going through all of his tests and we chose to go the route of rehabing. I strongly believe that's going to work and pay off, but today we're here talking about Qualcomm, hoping I can help them out as much as possible.
    Dan Patrick: I'll let you get the pitch in there — no pun intended — in a moment. I want to talk a little more about this. When you hear Tommy John Surgery, what does that mean to you as a pitcher?
    M.H.: Well, it's something that obviously everyone knows about as a pitcher. It's so common. It's something you never know...
    D.P.: Is it scary when you hear that possibility? But you're deciding not to do it. How scary is [Tommy John surgery]?
    Every pitcher can relate to what's going on, but I think I did all those answers yesterday and maybe at the appropriate time we can talk a little more about that but obviously today is about Qualcomm.
    D.P.: You don't want to talk about this whole rehab and Tommy John?
    M.H.: I will. I mean, we can set up another call if you'd like to about that subject, but today we're honoring and supporting Qualcomm.
    D.P.: Well, okay, I'll let you get your pitch. Tell us about Qualcomm then, Matt.

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    Athletes pitch products and companies all the time during radio interviews, but they normally wait until the end of the interview. Sadly, Matt Harvey didn't get that memo. He was simply there to "honor and support" Qualcomm.

    Harvey has since apologized to The Dan Patrick Show and Qualcomm on Twitter.

    This is how every Mets fan feels right now...

    h/t Matt Yoder at Awful Announcing.