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Marshall Henderson Just Doesn't Give A F*#%

You either love or hate him, but either way he'll keep doing his thing.

This is THE face of the 2013 NCAA tournament.

His name is Marshall Henderson and he is the outspoken star of the Ole Miss Rebels.

In the round of 64 of March Madness, Henderson led the Rebels to an upset win over the Wisconsin Badgers.

John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/MCT

Here he is making sure he can hear his haters clearly.

Fuck yeah, he likes to party!

He's partial to Coors Light in case you're wondering.

Here he is double-fisting Silver Bullets with the boys.

And you don't want to challenge him in beer pong.

Because he always gives 110%.

He has no filter with his emotions.

And no conscience with his shot selection.

He's always got time for a photo.

Especially for the ladies.

The ladies love him.

And with dance moves like this can you really blame them?

People call him college basketball's bad boy.

But deep down Marshall is just a goofball.

His passion for the game rubs some people the wrong way.

But he doesn't care bout the critics.

Because Marshall Henderson IS March Madness.

(Travis Morisse / The Hutchinson News)

Look at this adorable picture of him and his grandpa, and tell me how can you hate this kid?!