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Luis Suarez Defiles Isaac Newton's Corpse With This Gravity-Defying Goal

Throw away the physics books because this just doesn't make sense.

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In today's Premier League match between Liverpool and Norwich City, the talented — yet borderline insane — Luis Suarez had himself one of the most memorable games of his career. In Liverpool's 5-1 thrashing of Norwich City, Suarez recorded four goals, including one that might make you question Newton's laws of physics altogether.

Fourteen minutes into the match, Suarez broke the nil-nil tie with this ungodly strike from over 40 yards out.


Now, watch from the angle that might make your brain spontaneously combust.

With one swing of his right leg, Suarez defied thousands of years of scientific theory. He celebrated.


Isaac Newton on the other hand...

h/t Deadspin