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    Liverpool Tries To Fight Racism At Games With List Of Taboo Words

    Maybe the simplest approach is best.

    Soccer/football fans are known for their zealous nature. Fans — especially in Europe — are intensely loyal and supportive of their respective clubs. They drink, chant, cheer, curse and fight.

    Jasper Juinen / Reuters

    Unfortunately, some fans get a TAD bit out of control from time to time — vulgarity, racism, sexism, discrimination and violence give the sport a black eye. This forces officiating bodies and clubs themselves to take initiative. For example the Liverpool Football Club gave their employees this handy guide of "unacceptable" words that they should be looking out for.

    This is not a joke. Apparently the club felt the need to print and distribute this crib sheet of hate terms — to give asshole fan a moral compass. It's sad that issuing a list of hateful discriminating words is still necessary in today's culture, but perhaps Liverpool for be applauded for trying something — anything — to help employees attempt to keep fans in line. It may seem juvenile, but so name calling in the first place.

    Doug Pensinger / Getty Images