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    L.A. Dodgers Star Gives Disabled Fan Everything Including The Shirt Off His Back

    The most heartwarming moment of the 2013 baseball season, brought to you by Matt Kemp.

    Over this past weekend the L.A. Dodgers were swept at the hands of their bitter rival, the San Francisco Giants.

    Jason O. Watson / Getty Images

    Nonetheless, in the aftermath of one the losses Dodgers star Matt Kemp produced one of the most heartwarming and underpublicized moments of the 2013 season.

    The two-time All-Star met a disabled fan and his family...

    And proceeded to give him an autographed baseball...

    His hat...

    His jersey...

    And his cleats.

    The interaction lasted less than a minute, but Kemp packed it with a lot of kindness for the fan and his family.

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    h/t Barry Petchesky Deadspin