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    24 Pictures That Prove Kids Invented Being Assholes

    "Did I do that?"

    1. This kid who knew perfectly well aluminum isn't a mirror:

    2. This kid who knows he's being a smartass:

    3. This kid who pooped in his backpack:

    4. This shirtless bro who doesn't look sorry at all:

    5. Ungrateful Josh:

    6. The kid who sent this letter to a Veteran's hospital:

    7. This potty-mouthed kid:

    8. The kid who thought his dalmatian was a 3D coloring book:

    9. The kid who disabled his dad's phone for a couple decades:

    10. These kids who want a prolonged recess:

    11. This kid who used half a bottle of toothpaste to brush his teeth:

    12. This artist:

    13. This tornado wrangling jokester:

    14. This kid with a selfish sweet tooth:

    15. This expert bowler:

    16. This kid crushing his dad's comedic dreams:

    17. This kid who started revealing spoilers at a young age:

    18. Unappreciative Julian:

    19. This juice critic:

    20. This kid holding the letter "P" upside down:

    21. This harsh five-year-old:

    22. This bastard who locked the fridge and threw away the key:

    23. This kid's permanent love note:

    24. And this kid who replaced his dad's license with a Monster's University student ID:

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