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Kevin Bacon Meets Adrian Peterson (And 14 Other Random Pictures From The ESPYs Photobooth)

Ranked in order of least to most random.

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13. Kevin Bacon, Maria Sharapova and Adrian Peterson

Okay, Bacon and Sharapova presented Peterson with the award for best comeback athlete. So this isn't as random as it looks.

10. Yasiel Puig and Jadeveon Clowney

The reigning NL player of the month, Yasiel Puig, presented Best Play to Clowney. The only reason this seems a little strange is because this is the first time we've seen Puig off the baseball field and Clowney off the gridiron.


5. Kara Cannizzaro

This is probably the most photobooth-esque photobooth shot from the ESPYs. One one person smiles in four pictures and everyone looks goofily confused. The UNC laxer was nominated for Best Female College Athlete.

4. Terrell Owens

I guess this a little less random then I initially thought. Yes, he isn't playing in the NFL anymore which gives him no reason to be in attendance, but where there's a camera there's a Terrell Owens.


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