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24 Indescribable Joys Of Having A Sibling

Who doesn't love being locked in a closet for seven hours?

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1. Welcoming them into this world:

2. Learning to resolve conflicts:

3. Teaching them the importance of sacrifice:

4. Celebrating life milestones:

5. Learning selflessness:

6. Going out of your way to personalize their dessert:

7. Always having someone to horse around with:

8. Getting them thoughtful Christmas presents:

9. Letting them know how you feel around the holidays:

10. Baking them cookies while testing their restraint:

11. Debunking myths:

12. Holding them accountable for their actions:

13. Keeping them grounded:

14. Sharing your Netflix account:

15. Celebrating each other's academic achievements:

16. Teaching them how to deal with adversity:

17. Introducing them to cool new bands:

18. Teaching them to expect the unexpected:

19. Helping them to always be prepared:

20. Telling them to chill with the selfies:

21. Coaching them to be resourceful:

22. Staying positive when faced with hardship:

23. Being a part of the important moments in their life:

24. And learning how to systematically plot your revenge:

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