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Jim Harbaugh Loves Judge Judy, And Traffic Cops, With An Eloquent Intensity

This dude is intense about everything.

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The biggest surprise of the NFL off-season has nothing to do with free agent signings, salary cap casualties or ill-advised drunken escapades. It was San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh revealing that he's a huge fan of Judge Judy. Yes, the daytime TV judge that yells at everyone and laughs like a crazy person.

In case you thought his quote was just a bunch of lip-service, check out the familiar faces in the crowd at a recent episode of Judge Judy.


Oh yes, it's the Harbaugh men, Jim and his father Jack, enjoying a lovely afternoon in Judge Judith Sheindlin's famous courtroom.

But Harbaugh's appreciation of law and order professions doesn't stop there.


I mean, who hasn't pulled up a lawn chair and watched a traffic cop for hours?

Excuse me your Honor, but can you think of a better way of spending vacation time than going to tapings of a courtroom show and creeping on traffic cops?

h/t Rick Chandler SportsGrid