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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    27 Times It Actually Paid Off To Be Clumsy

    "Sorry I'm not sorry."

    1. When that cup of water transformed into a squirrel finding a nut:

    2. When this soda hit the sidewalk and became Frank from Donnie Darko:

    3. When this coffee spill turned into a cartoon Jesus:

    4. When sloppy use of the water cup in beer pong became the eastern hemisphere:

    5. When this bleach failure turned into the western hemisphere:

    6. When spilling water on the receipt became a bunny rabbit having a snack:

    7. When this grease stain morphed into Chewbacca staring at the Death Star:

    8. When "I can fix that pipe" became an adorable moose:

    9. When that coffee stain changed into an abstract picture of earth:

    10. When that messy corner of the garage turned out to look like a sweet-ass Schwinn:

    11. When that gross corner of the shower rod hid a perfect camel:

    12. When a leaky pen became a realistic human heart:

    13. When that water became a wolf howling at the moon:

    14. When that drop of coffee grew into a shark out of water:

    15. When that knocked over iced tea changed into a sad panda:

    16. When an accidental chemical reaction turned into a beautiful winter landscape:

    17. When the spill on the mirror birthed that bastard Jar Jar Binks:

    18. When a water stain spawned this seahorse:

    19. When a greasy accident turned into a perfect human profile:

    20. When a dropped can of wood stainer transformed into Johnny Utah's perfect wave:

    21. When an old soda spill revealed this unimpressed penny stain:

    22. When that dropped ice cream melted into a guy out for a walk with his dog:

    23. When that forgotten spill on the stairs became the Dude himself, Jeff freakin' Bridges:

    24. When that attempt at home improvement turned into Pooh Bear getting some honey:

    25. When the spill at the BBQ became this tiny crab:

    26. When that dropped soy sauce bottle became a creepy Cookie Monster:

    27. And when that dropped drink became this dude having a beer while cruising on a hoverboard:

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