Is Wendy Davis Really The LeBron James Of Filibustering?

An inquiry.

Wendy Davis is the Texas state senator who stood and spoke for 11 hours yesterday — and into this morning — in a successful attempt to filibuster a bill regarding abortion in Texas.

Eric Gay / AP

Her inspiring performance prompted some people to call her the “LeBron James of Filibustering,” and the title even made its way to her Wikipedia page.

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The prank has since been removed, but there is plenty of evidence that supports the idea that she is indeed LeBron’s political equal.

6. They use body armor to help them carry on when they’re tired.

Eric Gay / AP

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images


7. They both raise two fingers for reasons other than peace.

Erich Schlegel / Getty Images

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images


8. They are both heralded as champions by men with interesting glasses.

Erich Schlegel / Getty Images

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images


9. However there is one major difference: Davis NEVER sits down.

Eric Gay / AP

At least according to Wikipedia. / Getty Images


10. So I guess she’s more like “The Michael Jordan of Filibustering.”

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