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19 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Seriously?"

Really? Really?!

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1. These locked up bags of Cheetos:

2. This Uber ride:

3. This bizarrely descriptive caption:

4. This currency conversion:


5. This star needing two C batteries:

6. This packaging (water bottle for scale):

7. This safety distance:

8. This packaging:


9. These totally safe motorcycle handlebars:

10. This intense penalty:

11. This heavy load of cargo:

12. This iPod that was disabled for 40 years:


13. This arbitrary speed limit:

14. This jumbo roll of toilet paper:

15. The shipping box for this belt:

16. This crane:


17. This out of order sign:

18. This not-at-all ridiculous warning label:

19. And this limitation: