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22 Times Someone Fucked Up And Hoped No One Would Notice


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1. When Amtrak went off the rails:

2. When this Dairy Queen gave kids important advice:

3. KFC's dedication to finding a cure for diabetes:

4. When Chrysler's social media team made a whoopsie:

5. When this bookstore didn't think things through:

6. When Oprah plugged the Surface from her iPad:

7. When Google forgot to filter the searches on this billboard:

8. When this t-shirt company tried to pull a fast one:

9. When Alfa Romeo forgot to sign out of their Facebook account:

10. When Cristiano Ronaldo got a bit lost in translation:

11. This NFL team that doesn't understand irony:

12. This Tim Hortons doesn't give a fuck:

13. When this turntable company suggested listening to vinyl while jogging:

14. When this costume company got hella suggestive:

15. When IHOP didn't really think things through:

16. When England made this banner for the FIFA Women's World Cup:

17. When this gym advertisement didn't get proofread:

18. When Windows insulted the great white north:

19. When Erika's cone shit:

20. When this hotel didn't realize this illustration also looks like a *cough* blowjob *cough*:

21. When Hardee's didn't triple-check this billboard:

22. And when Dr. Pepper didn't realize "DP" doesn't always stand for Dr. Pepper:

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