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    17 Insultingly Obvious Instructions

    Lets hope no one ever needed to consult these guides.

    1. This step-by-step process of putting on tighty whities.

    2. This reminder to refrain from being a dick with smoke grenades.

    3. This guide to use a McDonald's figurine.

    4. These rules for a mini-golf bathroom.

    5. These rude dinner instructions.

    6. AKA apply to dry skin.

    7. Do not eat your shorts if you want them to last.

    8. These chopsticks.

    9. This hand-drying guide.

    10. How not to use a nail gun.

    11. This T-shirt that assumes the world eats dry sandwiches.

    12. Really? Really?

    13. Just in case no one has mentioned it before, poop sitting down, everyone.

    14. This guide to correct sombrero usage.

    15. How to study.

    16. Electronics aren't in the food pyramid.

    17. HAHA yeah, OK.