How To Prepare Yourself For A Possible Y2K Disaster

New Years Eve is officially month away. Are you ready yet?

1. In 31 days the streets of your town might look like this.

2. So stop listening to Mambo No.5 on repeat and pay attention!

3. What do you know about computers?

4. Okay, well, when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2000 computers around the world might reset to Janurary 1, 1900.

5. Which could make everything you’ve ever saved on your computer disappear.

6. Think about everything that is controlled by computers.

9. Basic utilities…

14. Not to mention nuclear weapons.

15. Now do you understand the seriousness of Y2K?

16. So go take all of your money out of the bank.

17. Buy as much bottled water as humanly possible.

18. Clear out the canned food aisle.

19. Fill your car up with gas.

20. Stock up on batteries.

21. Basically, be as prepared as Christopher Walken in “Blast from the Past.”

22. And remember to pray.

23. Because people think this guy might be coming back as well.

24. Alright, you’re all set. See you in 32 days!

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