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    24 History Memes That'll Make People Who Actually Studied Laugh

    Old stuff is funny too.

    1. This old guilt:

    2. This historic truth:

    3. This blatant plagiarism:

    4. This tale as old as time:

    5. This slight oversight:

    6. This reasonable stance on indulgences:

    7. This real use of Donald Trump's real words:

    8. This swerve:

    9. This Russian grain salesman:

    10. This reasonable reaction:

    11. These holy Romans:

    12. The real reason Caesar got stabbed:

    13. This sign chivalry isn't dead:

    14. This bit of gun fever:

    15. This way of putting things in perspective:

    16. This nagging thought:

    17. This impulse:

    18. This flaming hot take:

    19. This unanswered question:

    20. This ironclad alliance:

    21. This poorly thought out belief:

    22. This observation:

    23. This selective memory:

    24. And this realistic take on life: