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32 Hilarious Fan Signs That Deserve Their Own Standing Ovation

This is what #sprots are all about.

1. The rare alpaca doppleganger.

2. Is your mom a Perkins waitress in Florida?

3. It's not easy being a Cubs fan.

4. The sorta nonsensical — and thus appropriate — stoner pun.

5. Is that an open invitation?

6. They need help stretching, David.

7. Sexual, but violent.

8. Apparently, prostitution is illegal in Boston.

9. They're referring to penises.

10. They're also referring to a penis.

11. This is Toronto's preeminent ARTIST.

12. The metric system has some weird conversion rates.

13. This man is VERY lost. Send help.

14. Marriage is dead.

15. True love.

16. This woman has her priorities straight.

17. IT'S A BOY!

The Funniest Fan Made Signs 6) Referee Pregnancy Sign

18. Old faithful.

19. Responsible use of memes.

20. The most adorable NASCAR fan of all time.

21. Big, if true.


It's Dirk's brother, that sign's there in case he forgets.

23. Rivalries always bring out the best in people.

24. Someone knows their way around Photoshop.

25. Mature college students.

26. Professional light beer drinkers.

I still prefer the 2011 version of the pEnis peniS Penis peNis sign

27. Smug scientists in-training.

28. So that's what CBS stands for...

29. This asshole.

30. Sibling love.

31. Here's a dad who will forever be made fun of for wearing that fedora.

32. Best. Signs. Ever.