32 Hilarious Fan Signs That Deserve Their Own Standing Ovation

This is what #sprots are all about.

1. The rare alpaca doppleganger.

Elsa / Getty

2. Is your mom a Perkins waitress in Florida?

3. It’s not easy being a Cubs fan.

Jonathan Daniels / Getty

4. The sorta nonsensical — and thus appropriate — stoner pun.

Mike Ehrmann / Getty

6. They need help stretching, David.

Mark Kolbe / Getty

7. Sexual, but violent.

Rich Lam / Getty

Jonathan Daniel / Getty


8. Apparently, prostitution is illegal in Boston.

Bruce Bennett / Getty

9. They’re referring to penises.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty

10. They’re also referring to a penis.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty

11. This is Toronto’s preeminent ARTIST.

12. The metric system has some weird conversion rates.

13. This man is VERY lost. Send help.

Greg Klem / Getty

14. Marriage is dead.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty

16. This woman has her priorities straight.

Jim Young / Reuters

17. IT’S A BOY!

The Funniest Fan Made Signs http://t.co/jY2BTrLNHE 6) Referee Pregnancy Sign

— Just Celly (@justcelly)

18. Old faithful.

Greg Fiume / Getty

19. Responsible use of memes.

Mitchell Layton / Getty

20. The most adorable NASCAR fan of all time.

Jason Smith / Getty


It's Dirk's brother, that sign's there in case he forgets.

— Kat  (@Conspicuous_Kat)

23. Rivalries always bring out the best in people.

24. Someone knows their way around Photoshop.

25. Mature college students.

Really, Rice kids?

— Nick Mathews (@Nick_Mathews)

26. Professional light beer drinkers.

I still prefer the 2011 version of the pEnis peniS Penis peNis sign

— Ann Frazier (@annfrazi)

27. Smug scientists in-training.

28. So that’s what CBS stands for…

31. Here’s a dad who will forever be made fun of for wearing that fedora.

Cristian Petersen / Getty

32. Best. Signs. Ever.

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