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    Hammered Drunk Hockey Fan Steals Player's Helmet, Loses Beer

    Belligerent hockey fans have a new hero.

    During the third period of a blowout 4-1 win over the Winnipeg Jets, Chicago Blackhawks winger Brandon Bollig checked defenseman Adam Pardy hard into the boards — like super hard.

    So hard in fact, the glass was knocked out of its stanchion and into the crowd.

    During the skirmish that followed Bollig's hit, a fan boldly reached over and snatched Pardy's helmet right off his head.

    It goes without saying the man who stole the ultimate hockey souvenir was incredibly inebriated — as was the woman next to him who poured an entire beer on Pardy's helmet-less head.

    Our sloshed hero proudly pumped his fist for the cameras celebrating his awesomeness and basking in the moment.

    And then suddenly the moment was over.

    You stay classy, Chicago.