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    Sep 27, 2015

    22 Heroes Who Will Give You Eternal Light

    Someone give them a damn trophy.

    1. This little girl who knows the key to happiness:

    2. These bros enjoying the open road:

    3. This man who knows the important things in life:

    4. This grad school student who's still a kid at heart:

    5. This guy who got a urinal installed after his divorce:

    6. This kid who found himself a friend:

    7. This guy who knows how to roll with the punches:

    8. This kid who knows how to use Google:

    9. Your average neighborhood Santa Claus:

    10. This dad who has his priorities straight:

    11. This girl who knows pizza is a miracle drug:

    12. This champion:

    13. This genuinely good dude:

    14. This curmudgeon:

    15. This man who knows where his talent lies:

    16. This research scientist:

    17. Bryan Cranston:

    18. This winner of Thanksgiving:

    19. Whoever renamed this the breakfast aisle:

    20. This crime-fighter:

    21. This professor who truly understands:

    22. And this dad who is learning to multi-task:

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