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Golfer Causes $80,000 Worth Of Damage With One Swing


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The British Open began this morning at 1:32 a.m. EST at Muirfield in Scotland. The Open — as it's simply referred to across the pond — tests players' patience as they face super firm greens, pot bunkers, strong wind gusts and knee-high fescue.

Open courses are known for being very unforgiving if you fail to keep the ball in the fairway. Danish golfer Thomas Bjorn — and ESPN's camera crew — found this out firsthand this morning.


After a wayward drive on the first hole Bjorn was left with an incredibly difficult shot from the deep fescue — and that shot didn't go too well either...


Bjorn's one-in-a-million shot shattered ESPN's camera lens, which according to ESPN's Mike Tirico cost $80,000.

Good thing Bjorn has made over $800,000 on the European tour so far this season — and there's no way ESPN would ever make him pay for the damage — or else that would be a really expensive broken window.

Watch the whole video:

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