18 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are Totally Overrated

    Stay far away.

    1. First of all, Golden Retrievers are pretty hard on the eyes.

    2. And everyone knows they're dumb as rocks.

    3. They're way too active all the time.

    4. And they're super anti-social.

    5. They're probably the least patriotic of all dog breeds.

    6. They're way too big.

    7. And they're AWFUL with kids.

    8. They're notoriously bad drivers.

    9. And don't set lofty goals for themselves.

    10. They HATE cuddling.

    11. And they're not curious at all.

    12. They also don't play well with other dogs.

    13. And you really can't take them anywhere.

    14. They hate the water.

    15. And there's not an ounce of goofiness to them.

    16. And getting them to take a bath is a nightmare.

    17. They're pretty darn vicious too.

    18. So, yeah, definitely don't get a Golden, they're totally overrated.

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