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23 People Who Have A Firm Grasp On What's Important In Life

Role models.

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1. This woman who knows you can never have enough Cheetos:

2. This person who knows Bagel Bites over sex is an easy choice to make:

3. This person who knows to look at the bright side:

4. This hero who knows when to commemorate a life event:

5. This person constantly aware of their emotional state:

6. Alayna, who knows sometimes you need to be your own best friend:

7. This straight male who is being true to himself:

8. This guy who understands how fast a phone battery can die:

9. This guy who still knows how to smile:

10. This premium cheese sauce lover:

11. This dad who knows how close he is to the bottom of life's waterslide:

Twitter: @brian_sack / Via @brian_sack

12. This kid who knows you gotta take risks:

13. This girl who knows safety comes first:

14. This person who knows the importance of staying fit:

15. This bro who sets aside time to catch up with friends:

16. This person with excellent taste in television:

17. This driver who knows the importance of an apology:

18. This person who always includes their true friends:

19. These buddies making time for a beer:

Twitter: @MarleyAJMegeary / Via @MarleyAJMegeary

20. This kid who knows kickflips are as important as math:

21. This person who knows honesty is the best policy:

22. This significant other who keeps the fire burning:

23. And Rakesh, who knows you gotta celebrate yourself:

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