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    18 Pictures That Anyone Who Can't Cook Will Recognize

    "Can you pass the salt, and the fire extinguisher?"

    1. When you confuse al dente with on fire:

    2. When you're not exactly sure what do with broccoli:

    3. When you give baking a try:

    4. When you forget how plastic works:

    5. When you slightly overcook the pizza:

    6. When you put together a beautiful cheese spread:

    7. When people tell you making eggs is easy:

    8. When you're proud of your five-star meal:

    9. When you try to class up ramen with Fiji water:

    10. When you figure out how to MacGyver yourself a pizza:

    11. When you read "peel half of the potatoes" too literally:

    12. When you put together a well-balanced breakfast:

    13. When you invite people over for a dinner party:

    14. When you make your favorite meal for dinner:

    15. When you'd rather play with your food than cook:

    16. When you completely give up on the recipe:

    17. When you have to make an audible:

    18. And when someone gives you shit about your cooking:

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