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    19 College Students Who Are Living For Winter Break

    Get me out of here.

    1. This guy painting happy little clouds:

    2. This guy contemplating his entire existence:

    3. This library adventurer:

    4. These sad, prune-y academics:

    5. This dude who just can't anymore:

    6. This girl who might have a heart attack:

    7. This friend of Jack Daniel's:

    8. Whoever wrote this on the chalkboard:

    9. Mike:

    10. This math student who gave up:

    11. This lonely dude:

    12. This cornbread fiend:

    13. This protester asking for trouble:

    14. This lover of puppies in party hats:

    15. Anyone looking for some support:

    16. This kid who gave away his last fuck weeks ago:

    17. Whoever misplaced this lamppost:

    18. This kid who fell asleep while eating a sandwich:

    19. And whoever tried to make copies of spaghetti:

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