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    23 Animals Who Want Everyone To Kindly Step The Fuck Back

    "Get the hell away from me." H/T /r/StopTouchingMe

    1. This pup who really didn't want a kiss:

    2. This little guy who wants those fucking sausage fingers away from him:

    3. This gecko who would like to be put the fuck down:

    4. This Saint Bernard who wants this goddamn kitten to relax:

    5. This dog who wants to teleport right now:

    6. This cat who needs this pup to be less needy:

    7. This pup who is never gonna forget this bullshit:

    8. This cat who would rather be dropped in a bath than be in this situation:

    9. This kitty who is like, "Nah":

    10. This dad who wants to get the hell out of this damn cage:

    11. This cat who wanted to sleep 30 more minutes:

    12. This kitty who is already dead inside:

    13. This cat who is like, "OK, I get that you feed me, but that's enough":

    14. This cat who would like you to stop fucking booping him:

    15. This penguin who never gave the maniac permission to touch him:

    16. This cat who just decided she's never having kittens:

    17. This cat who's gonna teach this little guy to respect their fucking elders:

    18. This cat who thinks everyone needs a swift kick in the face every once in a while:

    19. This cat who knows he's not a fucking bunny:

    20. This dog who is over caring anymore:

    21. This cat who is trying to find his happy place:

    22. This cat who has had enough:

    23. And this deer who is like, "Bitch, don't act like I didn't watch Bambi!":